The Finance team encompass three key areas to support business growth:

The Basics

We’re responsible for all the day to day transactional accounting and producing accurate accounts to show the company's trading performance and assets and liabilities.

We manage the company’s cashflow and ensure there are sufficient funds available to meet day to day payments. This includes ensuring our customer are billed and pay us on time and that we have policies in place for paying our suppliers

Improving Business Performance

With the must-do’s taken care of we contribute to the management and improvement of the business by measuring and reporting regularly on key numbers, known as financial and non financial KPI’s that are crucial to the success of ATG.

We work with Directors and teams to prepare the annual budget and report back on the progress throughout the year

Strategic Planning

Finally we provide information and insightful analysis to assist the Directors in making key strategic decisions such as on Pricing, Product Development and New Markets

Thank you for your interest in our Finance department

Even though we don’t have positions available now, we still want to hear from great talent! Please send though your CV along with a cover letter and we’ll contact you the moment something comes up that matches your skills!

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