London, 10 January 2011

ATG Media's website,, continued to break records in 2010 with a 132% increase in online sales. The site hosted 1,208 live auctions in 2010, an increase of 68% versus the previous year and provided more bidders spending even more per bid. generated an average of 118 registered bidders per auction in 2010 - an uplift of 27%. Bidders spent more per transaction - the average successful bid was 10% higher in 2010 than in 2009.

While UK bidders account for the majority of buyers, on average they spend less than overseas buyers. 76% of buyers are based in the UK and account for 58% of the value of all successful bids. 42% of the value of all online sales are made by the 24% of buyers who live outside the UK. offers a vast range of antique and vintage goods; from collectibles such as toy cars, fashion and memorabilia to the world's finest antique furniture, jewellery, coins, silver and art. There are low end pieces to be snapped up at £10 as well as high-end pieces going under the hammer in excess of £100,000. Some of the more spectacular items sold on in 2010 included a diamond fringe necklace and pendant that sold for £38,000, a pair of Chinese blue and white vases that sold for £86,000, an Eastern padouk altar table that sold for £29,000 and two Boeotian coins that sold for £124,000 and £50,000 to a bidder in China.

In November 2010 was re-launched with additional functionality and upgraded navigation making it even more user-friendly. The new site has been designed to make it easy for novice buyers to find and buy antiques and fine art. Initial indications are that this approach has worked with an increase in unique visitor numbers to over 140,000 a month.

Anne Somers, Chief Executive of ATG Media, commented:

" helps established bricks and mortar auctioneers take advantage of the trend towards buying online that is being experienced in the retail sector. We've built our business by putting the auctioneer and the bidder at the heart of our business and this has helped ensure that every part of our business is growing. Our industrial and commercial auction site hosted 506 live auctions in 2010 and sold £10m online."

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