London, 25 October 2013

Online sales at ATG Media, the market leader in webcast and timed online only auctions, increased from £200m to £235m between October 2012 and September 2013. In the same period, over one million lots were sold on ATG Media’s online platforms – an increase of 41% over the prior year. These increases were driven by additional investment in marketing, technology and our new delivery service.

Summary of webcast and timed online only auctions hosted by ATG Media

Website Value of lots sold
in 2012.13
(Oct 2012 to Sep 2013)
Number of lots sold in 2012.13
(Oct 2012 to Sep 2013)
Year on year
% growth £68m 427,406 38% £41m 329,319 68% & £126m 278,621 19%
Total £235m 1,035,346 41%

To sustain this growth, ATG Media continues to invest heavily both in new technology and new services. In May of this year the new Global Auction Platform was launched on giving auctioneers a cloud based content management system complete with online payment functionality. ATG Media also launched Delivery Service offering a fast and convenient packing and shipping service from auctioneers to bidders in the UK and around the world.

Anne Somers, CEO of ATG Media commented:
“We’ve built ATG Media by listening to our customers and investing accordingly. Our bidders said they wanted a comprehensive delivery solution – we have launched this. Our customers wanted an online payment solution powered by the latest technology  – we’ve delivered this. As we continue to invest, our customers will see more innovation and more features generating even more business for them.”

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