• Postcard by Jack Phillips, the man who tried to save the titanic, predicted to become one of the most expensive in the world
  • Other collectors items include a letter from titanic crewman, a bag from titanic baker, a gold pocket watch from titanic ship yard owner and rare customs landing card from titanic survivor
  • The extremely rare lots from henry aldridge auctioneers are estimated between £4,000 and £50,000, and are all on sale on thesaleroom.com on 22nd october

Leading online marketplace for antiques and auctions, thesaleroom.com, is hosting an online sale on Saturday 22nd October featuring a vast array of items from the ill-fated Titanic ship. The impressive sale features genuine items from the sunken ship including one of the most expensive postcards that has come to market. The postcard, part of Ex Ken Schultz Collection at The Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, Virginia is set to sell for up to £20,000.

The Titanic’s Senior Wireless Operator Jack Phillips reveals the calm before the storm in his postcard written on board of the ship. The card, signed “Love all, Jack”, describes the glorious weather as the ship left Cowes, Isle of Wight. The reference to the upcoming voyage makes it one of the most desirable and expensive postcards in the whole world. Jack Phillips, described as “The man who saved us all” by Titanic’s Junior Wireless Operator survivor Harold Bridge, is one of the true heroes of the disaster. Although he did not survive, the 25 year old worked tirelessly to send wireless messages to other ships to enlist their assistance and help rescue others.

Another unique item up for sale is an extremely rare customs landing card issued to Titanic survivor Caroline Bonnell. She was rescued by the R.M.S Carpathia from Titanic Lifeboat No. 8 on April 15th 1912. Caroline Bonnell’s story, as well as the landing card, has been featured in Ohio Tales of the Titanic by Janet A. White and Mary Ann Whiteley (2012). She was 30 years old when she boarded the Titanic with her American cousins and her English aunt, returning home to Ohio after an extended trip to Europe. The landing card is one of the rarest Titanic-related artefacts due to the presence of the handwritten name of the ship, place and date of departure and is estimated to sell for up to £15,000.

Richard Lewis, General Manager of thesaleroom.com, says: “We are very proud to host one of the most important Titanic-related auctions on thesaleroom.com. We are sure that the sale will attract a number of collectors looking for the one-of-a-kind item that will complete their collection. It is really phenomenal to witness history through the different lots we have for sale at this auction.”
Andrew Aldridge, of Henry Aldridge & Son, comments: “Jack Phillips’ postcard is one of the world’s most valuable postcards. The card itself is a true blue chip Titanic collectable and is one of the finest examples of postcards from the ship known. We’re delighted to offer this rare artefact the year of the 105th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy.”

Other interesting items include the last letter sent to his family by Titanic crewman and baker, Sidney Siebert, the 200th person found from the Titanic John Davies’ bag and the ship yard owners of where the Titanic was built, Lord William James Alexander Pirrie’s gold pocket watch.

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